From Idols to Dust

by Dusks Embrace

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released December 12, 2014



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Dusks Embrace Salem, Oregon

"Coming to fruition nearly ten years ago, Dusks Embrace started as the brain child of Josh Brewer, releasing two metal albums between 2008 and 2010
In 2015, Josh added Liam Manley, Michael Daniel and Aldo Arevalo on to the permanent line up, and as a four piece they all began working on the current album slated for release in 2016.t"
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Track Name: From Idols to Dust
The souls of faithful bliss
cast their lot with the cold

They will not spare you
from your bid for sin

I don't wait for the end
I only wait for the end of you

Time ever turns and everyone
comes to a close

The centuries take their toll
As you bow to the whores you all have made
You forge on and refuse to atone
I don't wait for the end
I only wait for the end of you

They will not spare you
But goddamn you don't deserve it anyway
No one can save you
You had your chance but you sent it away

The centuries take their toll
As you bow to the whores you all have made
You forge on and refuse to atone
I don't wait for the end
I only wait for the end (I only wish that death would remember you) of you
Track Name: While Gods Weep
All ties to the divine lay torn
Made again in sin
Reshaped in lies and mortal scorn
All left is hollow
No semblance to what once was grand
A world in sorrow

The tragedy
Of turning backs and waning minds
The emptiness waits cold for all you bleed and leave behind
You simply feed it
A mindless treason
You know not what you do

Your grimmest prayers and darkest dreams
Drink in it's bounty
May it be all that it ever seemed
This is your doing

Have you learned nothing?
Millenniums of arrogance have left you fools with no regrets
No foresight, no truth, no answers, no proof
You've damned yourselves unto this fate

No scapegoats left to slaughter now
Isn't it fitting
In their blood and tears you all shall drown
Track Name: Legacies
Peering through the window
Grasping velvet drapes
Tears begin to fall
Faith sadly misplaced

Is this real
Will we wake
Scorn for all my sin

Hear the mothers wailing
Grief upon their face
See the children crying
In sorrow we wait
Track Name: In Dead Tongues
Now scream
For stars to fall and write your names
Within the ashes
Upon the scarred terrain you've laid
You storm the skies
With reverence for none but you
You stoke the lies
And watch their flames devour truth

You speak of knowledge
Yet bury that which is not yours
Your souless cadences are all you know
And all you will ever be
You guard your falsehoods
With the fervor of a dying world
These heartless effigies are all you've shown
And all you will ever be

So wait
For the end to cleanse what you think wrong
It's drawing closer
But you're just a pawn to be turned upon
Call on your masters
Let them speak your final peace
You'll be abandoned
For we are all and all shall bleed

Endings are beginnings laid to rest
And this world grows tired
Torches passed now dim at best
This world is tired
Wisdoms lost in fools' detest
This world is tired
The fall of all we could have been
This world is tired

Your words are tired, and spoken in dead tongues
Track Name: The Hubris of Man
Staring through the ages we dream of endless day
Screaming to the heavens we dream of eternity
we boast our worth
And for lack of answer we find meaning
And for our Hubris we will never know our true place in the universe

Fanciful lies fill our minds as we wish ourselves gods
A thousand years of progress undone with verse and hymn
We fall into despair
Reclaiming the sins of our ignorant past
the truth before us, we chose to close our eyes
we turn a blinded eye to our fear
and claim that we are wise

To afraid to face the truth we hide in fantasy

And for fear we subjugate
And for fear we kill
And in our ignorance we force our will
Indoctrinating the future with the failures of the past
Provoking the cosmos with our hubris

In cowardice we retreat into our reveries
Falling short of what we may have been
And all for false serenity